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Project Manager 
Where are you from? 


Favorite H&P Memory:

Our 20 year anniversary party was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to meet some clients and vendors that we work with everyday and otherwise never really get the chance to meet in person.

Favorite/Most Memorable Project Worked On:

My favorite project that I have worked on would have to be SEMA 2014, mainly because I have always had an interest in new and custom cars/trucks/boats/etc. and that is a show that I have always wanted to attend.

My Best Stress Buster:

The best way I have found to relax when I am stressed out is by actually creating another project for myself. Something that I enjoy and can help take my mind off of anything else going on.

When I’m not at work, you can find me...

In the Summer time, on the boat any chance I can get.

Something You’ve Learned Working for H&P:

H&P has really shown me how to work best in an environment where everyone in the organization is a resource to each individual's own success and the best way to interact with many different types of personalities.


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