6 Examples of Effective Trade Show Product Display

Posted by Danielle DeBenedictis on May 20, 2014 11:07:00 AM

Trade shows are often characterized by limited space, time frames and attention spans, creating a challenge for exhibitors when it comes to effectively integrating products into a designated booth space. Investing in product displays that organize, compliment, and create a draw to products, while simultaneously allowing for engagement between sales staff and potential customers, can make all the difference in creating a more memorable and profitable exhibiting experience.

Using examples of What We Did for three unique brands at the 2014 Travel Goods show, here are a six ways to create effective product displays:

1) Think Sales

Samsonite Tablet Cover Product Display

To organize and emphasize this line of tablet covers, we created fixtures that mimicked a retail store. Hanging wall displays, a custom tabletop display and an embedded shelving unit allowed hands-on interaction for the sales team while talking about the features and benefits to potential buyers.


2) Incorporate Features

Samsonite Lightweight Luggage Display

For this new line of luggage, known for being light and easy to transport, Hill & Partners designed a display to compliment the product's key selling feature. The essence of "the lightness" was represented with a printed translucent cloud design on a simple glass backdrop.


3) Avoid clutter and disorganization

Samsonite Trade Show Luggage Displays

One of the big challenges for exhibitors can be how to display many large items in a way that does not become overwhelmingly cluttered. Hill & Partners met that challenge here by producing simple displays that allowed for a more organized way to easily view and access larger items rather than stacking or placing on the floor.


4) Add Some Dimension

High Sierra BackPack Displays

The custom design of these displays brought life to the essence of this outdoor adventurist brand by placing product in their "natural element." Angular mountain-esque shapes, illuminated lifestyle graphic backdrops and the incorporation of grass and river rocks complimented the rugged outdoorsy spirit.


5) Tell A Story

Hartmann Display CaseHartmann History Display Cases

When you have a long-established brand with centuries of history behind it, incorporating that background into the display can act as a tool for creating an element of interest that draws attention to the products. These custom display cases were thoughtfully designed to include both the appropriate products and props to help tell the story about the evolution of the luxury brand its products.


6) Think Outside the Box

Hartmann C-Shaped Shelving

Sometimes, as creative as we'd like to be, shelving really is the best option for displaying your particular product, allowing for close-up viewing and hands-on interaction. Designing a shelving unit to have a more unique and custom shape or feel can draw attention to a product display that traditional shelving would not. 


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