Exploring Possibilities- A Roadmap for Success

Posted by Danielle DeBenedictis on May 14, 2012 4:04:00 PM

By Michael McMahon

exploring possibilities- a roadmap to success
One of the keys to entrepreneurship is taking the time to explore all possibilities.  True entrepreneurs are not afraid to reach beyond what is directly in front of them and veer toward the goal of realizing their dreams.   Think of those who have created products, services or even markets that did not previously exist – what a gift to have the courage and confidence to explore opportunities, absent of the fears that all too often create boundaries that bind.

But being open to possibility is not without its difficulties; with no traditional or timely measure of return, it can be hard to gauge success during those initial footsteps down the path.  But when an individual or group embraces intense advocacy for an idea, their openness to what others might perceive as impossible or improbable can become a new benchmark for success.  It is this collective commitment to possibility that time and again has proven to be the very genesis of exceptional inventions, products, services and organizations.


“I cannot discover that anyone knowsenough to say definitely what is and what is not possible.” – Henry Ford


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