Transforming Virtual Presence into a Tangible Environment

Posted by Hill & Partners on Nov 25, 2013 5:30:00 PM

How do you take an intangible service, such as eCommerce software technology, and translate it into a fully immersive experience? 

Recently, with two projects at the 2013 Annual Summit, the Hill & Partners team demonstrated how brand essence and virtual services can combine to become tangible experiences.



H&P aimed to cover two main objectives with the latest Branded Environment for the leading provider of on-demand digital commerce solutions, Demandware.

1) Highlight the rapidly growing global brand as a big player in the eCommerce industry

2) Showcase the software service and their leading retail clients 

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THE RESULT: A sleek and clean retail store theme that displayed a variety of Demandware's leading clients through the use of feature areas and glass display windows. 

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Two technology bars fittingly served to demo Demandware technology on both computers and mobile devices. 

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 tipH&P TIP: Don't be afraid of white and height.

The new look for Demandware was successful in integrating color by effectively utilizing whitespace to make the brand's green pop. The two story window displays took full advantage of the height of the environment and were clearly visible from across the show hall.



Ever spend a frustrating day trying on an endless array of jeans that just refuse to fit both your waist and your leg length perfectly at the same time? 

True Fit® Corporation came to the rescue for many when the SaaS software technology was introduced to provide "perfect fit" solutions to personalize catalogs for individual consumers of apparel and footwear based on each person’s unique taste and fit. 

As True Fit's first exhibiting experience at one of the largest digital retail shows, the company aimed to make a splash with brand presence and clearly communicate their online service.

True Fit 4068 HI RES resized 600

THE RESULT: A 20x20 Rental Branded Environment that integrated retail store design and digital technology. Hill & Partners collaborated with True Fit to create a space that could clearly communicate their brand with synchronized digital graphics, streaming on a 32 foot high internal video wall.

True Fit 4083 HI RES resized 600

tipH&P TIP: Capture attention with movement. By now, boring static graphics are old news. Think of ways that adding a bit of technology and digital content could enhance your brand message.


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