Payfactors: A "Revolutionary" Experience

Posted by Kelsey Miner on Aug 23, 2017 10:40:00 AM

As exhibit designers at H&P, our team is given the opportunity to work with new and unique brands on a regular basis. The design process starts with research and a brand discussion where the goal is to find out what’s specifically unique about each brand, and the intentions and goals behind each show. It’s truly rewarding when we have the chance to connect with a team looking to make a statement. Even more so, when they come to the table with ideas, energy, and a collaborative mindset. This is when we can create something special.

I recently had the opportunity to work with the team from Payfactors in creating a 20’x20’ tradeshow exhibit that emulated their intention of creating a revolution within the industry. In a sea of modern, primarily white trade show exhibits, Payfactors chose to go against the grain. Brick, corrugated metal, plywood, and graffiti messaging combined to create an urban industrial headquarters for the start of a revolution. We also explored several interactives and giveaways that would increase foot traffic and encourage attendees to return to the exhibit multiple times throughout the duration of the show.

DSC_3400-Edit-1-8_Web-2.jpgAs attendees rode the escalators into the show hall, there was no way to ignore the eye-grabbing exhibit. Stepping off the escalators, most stopped for a moment to gaze and comprehend who Payfactors was. This gave the booth staff a chance to engage and educate the intrigued, slightly confused attendees. It’s one thing to grab the audience’s attention, but what’s even more important are the interactions, experiences, and impressions that follow.

"Soon, ‘Join the Revolution’ messaging could be seen throughout the entire show hall and conference."


When walking into the space, attendees were greeted by members of the Payfactors team dressed in branded baseball t-shirts, and offered a branded, light-up wristband. At any given time, we had the ability to light up every wristband at the conference and spark chaos and excitement. Soon, ‘Join the Revolution’ messaging could be seen throughout the entire show hall and conference.


The wristbands served as more than just a branded wearable for attendees; anyone wearing one had the chance to win premium giveaways like Bluetooth speakers, headphones, high value gift cards, and more. The catch? Once the wristbands lit up, attendees had to be back at Payfactors’ exhibit within three minutes.

When activated, every monitor in the booth displayed the three-minute countdown, upbeat music became audible, thick white smoke poured out of vents, and attendees swiftly made their way down the aisles to the crowded 20’x20’ exhibit. As the timer made its way to zero, the focus of the eager crowd was redirected to a video of Payfactors’ CEO on a large screen at the center of the exhibit; this moment of anticipation provided a window of opportunity to educate the attendees about Payfactors’ mission- revolutionizing compensation.

After the impactful and educational video, Payfactors’ CEO Jeff, and CMO Shawn raffled off a handful of prizes, noting that the excitement would occur each day of the show. Even as the crowd that flooded into the aisle dissipated, the exhibit was still at capacity. This marketing scheme drew interest from the masses, and ultimately connected Payfactors with its direct target audience when the smoke cleared.

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By taking the risk of doing something unique, Payfactors’ exhibit became the focus of the entire show. They sacrificed traditional booth elements, and fully embraced their theme. Attendees were eager to ‘Join The Revolution’, and Payfactors dramatically increased their brand presence and created engaging, and memorable experiences their audience was sure to talk about long after the show closed.