President's Viewpoint: Why I Joined The Habitat For Humanity Board

Posted by Michael McMahon on Jun 9, 2015 8:30:00 AM
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Hill & Partners builds for South Shore Habitat for Humanity

Recently, I was asked to join the Board of Directors for our local Habitat for Humanity affiliate, South Shore Habitat for Humanity. Many of my most influential experiences can be traced to a moment where I just said "Yes!" No over-thinking, just a commitment to participate. So, that's exactly what I did.


Many charitable organizations are living breathing examples of how people can defy the 'way things are.' The wealth that can be shared comes in so many forms that I would challenge you to clarify even the true Value of Giving.

South Shore Habitat for Humanity / Hill & Partners

Accepting my own challenge...

Giving alters reality by changing the flow of experience without assigning prediction to outcome.

Giving transforms anything and everything connected to the act or the intention, often in ways that cannot be measured.

Giving is a currency that can only be defined by the recipient, and therefore holds much more possibility than the giver can imagine.

Giving creates the opportunity for people to connect without pretense.



The recipient of a Habitat home accepts a gift from a culture founded on "neighbors giving to neighbors." Day after day, across the entire globe, this culture serves a mission that is much greater than the sum of its parts. Habitat provides the opportunity for people of every imaginable background to come together and create opportunity for others.

Hill & Partners Building for SS Habitat for Humanity

"Affordable home ownership" is a clumsy term at best, because it leaves out the most powerful gift-- connecting family partners with neighbors and communities that participate in Habitat programs. Sweat equity through the construction of their own homes, fosters a direct connection between partner familes and their community of volunteers. In the process, so many new friends are made and bonds are built.


Our organization, along with so many other amazing organizations, line up for the opportunity to give time, resources and energy to Habitat for Humanity because Habitat is a “Family!" With strong leadership, this Habitat "Family" harnesses the energy shared by people who come together to transform lives.

Hill & Partners Volunteers for Habitat for Humanity Build Day

My personal drive to contibute may be more deeply rooted. When I was young, my family moved around quite a bit. This was not only disruptive for my siblings and I, but the stress associated with unstable and unpredictable living situations had a significant effect on my parents.  This may be why I can connect with families aspiring to find a stable, dependable and affordable place to live.

Michael McMahon of Hill & Partners - Habitat for Humanity

The gift that Habitat brings is not about the measurement of a family's wealth, or lack thereof. It offers an alternative path to home ownership for families that are unable to build equity for the future through traditional sources.


I suggest there is little "cost" associated with giving. Just as a world class athlete pursuing their passion does not view the challenges overcome through the lens of 'sacrifice,' the intrinsic desire to make a positive impact is hardly measured by cost.

Beyond traditional currency, people have the capacity to give in the form of passion, faith, experience, love, humility and friendship, to name a few. Through Habitat for Humanity, I have experienced more evidence of the effect of giving freely than I would have ever claimed to know.

The opportunity to be on the Board of Directors for South Shore Habitat for Humanity is my chance to serve through leadership. For me, to be asked to participate is priceless! To that, I say 'Yes'!

Gratitude for Giving - Habitat for Humanity - Hill & Partners

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