Sekisui's Trade Show Booth to Commercial Branded Environment Journey

Posted by Marisa Pacheco on Nov 11, 2014 9:41:00 AM

Longtime client Sekisui started their relationship with Hill & Partners when they were seeking out a vendor to design and manage a trade show booth for their annual conference. What they got was a long running partnership and a flexible Rental Branded Environment that reconfigures to their expanding needs year over year.

This valued relationship recently expanded when Sekisui needed help revamping their corporate lobby. Since Hill & Partners prides itself on creating any place or space to be all about your brand we were up for the task.


“It is always a pleasure to work with the talented staff of Hill & Partners”,
said Sekisui’s Sr. Marketing Communications Associate, Maureen Trickett

When we took on this Commercial Branded Environment project the real challenge was taking four stark spaces and creating a continuous environment that reflects the excellence of the Sekisui brand. We were able to create synergy between all spaces while communicating the Sekisui brand to the employees and visitors that walk through the headquarters’ doors.


When guests first walk into the entrance they are greeted by the vibrant Sekisui red branded wall that sets the stage for the renovated reception desk and floating overhead lighting detail. To the left is a three-piece translucent fiber panel structure that houses a monitor to run the successful company’s capabilities.

Around the bend visitors see the same mix of high-end materials and textures used in their integrated digital product time-line that allows for real-time updates. To finish it off, the design seamlessly flows around the corner with designed window details right into the core values wall.

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Commercial Branded Environments: Download the Product Sheet



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