The Key to Shaping the Future of Exhibit Design

Posted by Mark Holme on Feb 9, 2016 8:42:22 AM

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”- Benjamin Franklin

As a designer, I believe it is essential to invest in the future of our industry to help it grow and flourish. When I began my design career over 28 years ago, there was no defined path that  exhibit designers could follow to lead them to success.

Mark Holme talks to the future of the design industry at ExhibitorLive

My real education came not from the classroom, but from on-the-job training and from working with talented designers. These experienced designers were willing to share their experiences with me, which gave opportunities to apply that knowledge in the real world. I relied on their mastery and insight to help me navigate and find my space within the exhibit design industry.

Mark Holme talks to the future of the design industry at MassArt College

Today, I am lucky enough to employ my experience in support of talented designers as they begin their creative careers. I've gotten the chance to participate in mentorship programs at Bemidji State University and the Fashion Institute of Technology. Some mentorship opportunities happen in the moment while networking; others find me after giving presentations at local colleges like Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Mentoring Students at Bemidji State University

My commitment to mentoring starts with the challenge to connect these young creatives with real world experience. Through presentation and networking, they have the opportunity to collide with professionals who are currently shaping the environment they will inherit. In turn, I find it invaluable and invigorating to be surrounded by motivated creatives and help them turn their passion for design into a rewarding and successful career. 

Mentoring the future of exhibit design at ExhibitorLive

Because the exhibit design industry requires a unique set of skills for success, it is vital for seasoned veterans of our industry to create a space for the collaborative process. This exchange of industry experience with fresh perspectives invites new ideas and creative insights to inspire innovation within the industry and ourselves.


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