Stand Out with Trends from EXHIBITORLIVE 2019

Posted by Hill & Partners on Mar 12, 2019 1:34:00 PM

EXHIBITORLIVE  is known as the trade show industry's trade show. Some of our 3D Design team had a chance to walk the show floor and noticed a few trends that can help your company stand out at your next trade show. 

Top 5 Trends from EXHIBITORLIVE 2019

Interactive Engagement 
Popular interactive elements ranged from LED panels, touchscreens, and augmented reality to more analogue interactions such as darts, whack a mole, and puzzles. Interactive activations coupled with open environments help draw attendees into the space and encourage engagement.
Thematic Exhibits
Many exhibitors opted to tell a story or created a themed environment related to their offering. Themes ranged from "Bespoke Suits," to "Listen," to our very own "Find Your Fit." A strong theme will help attendees remember the experience they shared with you, which will make it that much easier for your Sales team to bridge the gap with leads after the show.

Charitable Giving
Charitable giving was another popular trend this year. Several exhibitors allowed attendees to choose which charity their money would go to. Supporting a charity not only encourages engagement for a cause, but shows attendees your company values giving back. 
LED panels and light box features continued to create a large focus for some exhibitors. In the sea of exhibits with LED panels, quality content is king. If you have a big A/V presence at your next show, be sure to create compelling and visually appealing content to help your company stand out from competitors.

Natural Tones
Of course, fit and finish is important to any successful environment. More subdued uses of color, wood, concrete, organic textures and industrial elements was still a focus for many at this year's show.  A clean aesthetic helps keep your messaging and product offering front and center.
wood tones
Trends will come and go, but above all, your trade show goal should be to create memorable interactions for attendees.  That way, later down the line when attendees are ready to find a partner or make a purchase, your company will be their first thought.  

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