Bemidji Exhibit Design Graduate Joins Hill & Partners

Posted by Trevor Beniak on Sep 15, 2015 8:30:00 AM
Trevor Beniak

By Trevor Beniak

It was five years ago, when I was introduced to exhibit design while on a tour of Bemidji State University, the only school in the nation where students can receive a four year degree in exhibit design. For someone who was interested in studying architecture or graphic design, it immediately had my attention. The way it blended graphic design with three-dimensional exhibit architecture seemed too good to be true.

Trevor awarded the Exhibitor Group Student Achievement Award

The unique exhibit design program that Bemidji State University offers, creates numerous opportunities for its distinctly educated students. Not only are students taught how to create three-dimensional, branded environments, but also learn the importance of networking.

Throughout my education, I was given several opportunities and platforms to showcase my work to professionals in the exhibit design industry, including EXHIBITORLIVE. In return, my senior year at Bemidji State, I was fortunate to receive several job offers and opportunities that spanned across the country. I looked for a small company with a great culture, passionate employees, an experienced creative team, and preferably outside of the Midwest. I found all that I was looking for on the east coast, at Hill & Partners.

Trevor performing at Bemidji's TAD Talk event

As an exhibit designer at Hill & Partners, I look to continue my education in exhibit design from a knowledgeable creative team, as well as the many related processes from an experienced, award-winning organization. I aspire to become a creative director or freelancer for retail and event design in the future.

Trevor Beniak - Hill & Partners Exhibit Designer

As of now, I’m right where I want to be, surrounded by an abundance of knowledge and experience that will facilitate my growth as a designer.

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