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The New Exhibit Designers and Producers Association President Speaks Out

The Exhibit Designers and Producers Association (EDPA)  is comprised of more than 370 companies worldwide, involved in the design, build and execution of exhibits and exhibit related products and services. The EDPA currently includes nine regional U.S. chapters. The Northeast chapter stands as the newest group, revived in 2014 in part by H&P's Matt Johnson, who took on the immediate role of Chapter Treasurer. 

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The President's Viewpoint: Twenty Years of the Design, Build and Execution of Exhibits, Interiors and Events

By Michael McMahon

Hill & Partners is celebrating Twenty Years in business, and the celebration goes far beyond the moments of how and why it began. This is the year we have the opportunity to celebrate our team, our clients and our partners through the framework of an organization that has thrived.

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President's Viewpoint: Why I Joined The Habitat For Humanity Board

Recently, I was asked to join the Board of Directors for our local Habitat for Humanity affiliate, South Shore Habitat for Humanity. Many of my most influential experiences can be traced to a moment where I just said "Yes!" No over-thinking, just a commitment to participate. So, that's exactly what I did.

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Top 5 Things To Look For in Successful Trade Show Booths

By Mark Holme

Over the last 20+ years of designing exhibits, I have learned a few basic rules on what an effective design is, and how it attributes to successful Branded Environments. Every company has differentiators in their marketplace. The trade show environment can be very effective in increasing your brand presence to your industry and customers. It must be clear to the customer quickly as they glance toward your space what you do and who you are.

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Checklist: Is It Time For A New Trade Show Booth?

You've held onto it for years. A lot of money was invested in it and it's not easy to let go. Upper management both continuously denies additional spending for a new build and keeps asking you to find the low cost solution, so you keep slapping band-aid after band-aid on what you were once upon a time proud to call your Trade Show Booth. 

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My Role in EDPA Northeast Exhibit Industry Presence

By Matt Johnson


As Vice President of Accounts at Hill & Partners, it had been a personal goal of mine to be more involved in our industry on a national level. An idea sparked for how to pursue this goal at the 2013 EDPA Access conference last December. 

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The Truth About Trade Show Exhibit Rentals: Industry Statistics Infographic


It's one of the most frequently asked questions in the beginning stages of exhibit creation. If the answer were as simple as saying "If you want quality, choose a Custom," or "If you want to save on costs, choose a Rental," then the question would not appear so often.

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Why Turnkey for Your Trade Show Booth?


The true turnkey experience requires some challenging but essential ingredients in order for all parties involved to thrive.

• A leader, or leaders, with vision

• A Commitment to consistent high value activity

• Exceptional quality throughout

• Amazing people

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6 Examples of Effective Trade Show Product Display

Trade shows are often characterized by limited space, time frames and attention spans, creating a challenge for exhibitors when it comes to effectively integrating products into a designated booth space. Investing in product displays that organize, compliment, and create a draw to products, while simultaneously allowing for engagement between sales staff and potential customers, can make all the difference in creating a more memorable and profitable exhibiting experience.

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Small Business Radio: A CEO's Lessons in Success

CEO of Hill & Partners, Michael McMahon has been in the business of creating trade show displays in conjunction with brand strategy for over 20 years. He founded his successful business on self trust and the belief that you should be able to show up to work as close to your authentic self as possible.

Michael McMahon joins Jim Blasingame on Small Business Radio to talk about how he has grown his business, what he's learned about success, and how the branded environment industry works.

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