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60 Days of Not the Same

By Kelsey Miner

There’s a lot to be said for creating a routine. Structure helps you move forward and stay focused, and when you’re starting a new job it tends to be the first thing you settle in to.

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Three Ways to Guarantee a Successful Event

Managing all the moving parts that go into an Event Branded Environment can be daunting. Creating an impactful design, managing sponsors and engaging attendees are necessary components to guarantee success. Read on below to learn about Hill & Partners' winning formula for a flawless event.

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Why Design is Only One Piece of an Effective Branded Environment - A Designer's Perspective

Recently, while providing some support to our Account Management team out at Outdoor Retailer, I had one of those moments - one of those splendid, existence-bending epiphanies that occur when you realize you don’t know as much as you thought you did. I’m not ashamed to say I have those moments about a hundred times a day, but this one was particularly potent, and its implications are crucial.

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How to Capture, Convert and Extend Long Term Brand Advocates



Human attention span is now shorter than a goldfish's. 

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What Happens When Your Trade Show Environment Attracts, Engages and Delights

Hill & Partners recently executed an interactive Custom Branded Environment for the world's leading end-to-end gaming company, International Game Technology (IGT), at the 2015 NASPL trade show. IGT sought to deliver a multi-dimensional interactive experience while unveiling the new corporate branding for the first time at this show.

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Trade Show Booth Design Ideas: Refreshing Brand Presence at Outdoor Retailer Show

Client: Polartec  |  Show: Outdoor Retailer Summer Market  
Location: Salt Lake City, UT  |   Dates: August 5-8, 2015

Polartec’s primary objective at this year's Outdoor Retailer Summer show was to showcase the established company and innovative products in a highly sophisticated and technical way. This was to be accomplished by:

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Top 5 Things To Look For in Successful Trade Show Booths

By Mark Holme

Over the last 20+ years of designing exhibits, I have learned a few basic rules on what an effective design is, and how it attributes to successful Branded Environments. Every company has differentiators in their marketplace. The trade show environment can be very effective in increasing your brand presence to your industry and customers. It must be clear to the customer quickly as they glance toward your space what you do and who you are.

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How 'Showing Up' Transforms Your Trade Show and Event Programs For Greater Success

By Michael McMahon

In our business, the number of uncontrollable challenges that we face is daunting.  However, by developing a keen sense of timing and the willingness to act, we have the ability to minimize the impact of uncontrollable events. 

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Sekisui's Trade Show Booth to Commercial Branded Environment Journey

Longtime client Sekisui started their relationship with Hill & Partners when they were seeking out a vendor to design and manage a trade show booth for their annual conference. What they got was a long running partnership and a flexible Rental Branded Environment that reconfigures to their expanding needs year over year.

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Ditch Your Trade Show Booth for a Branded Environment



The term "Branded Environment" was born from a movement to define the action of bringing a marketing message to life in a three-dimensional fully immersive experience. In short, a Branded Environment is a Place or Space that is Completely About Your Brand.

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