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The Truth About Trade Show Exhibit Rentals: Industry Statistics Infographic



It's one of the most frequently asked questions in the beginning stages of exhibit creation. If the answer were as simple as saying "If you want quality, choose a Custom," or "If you want to save on costs, choose a Rental," then the question would not appear so often.

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Who Knew?: The Artistic Side of an Account Management VP


On this edition of Who Knew?, we present to you Matt Johnson, our VP of Accounts, who has a passion for photography.

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Hill & Partners Dreams Big - Blue Ribbon Award Winner at America's Small Business Summit


Awards mean different things to different people. They can serve to validate work that is well done, or signify the completion of a period of great challenge. To us, the recognition provided by the recent DREAMBIG Award by the U.S. Chamber, represents the opportunity to begin something new.

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Project Highlight: LogMeIn Branded Event Spaces


Is your Brand Presence consistently strong throughout your trade show exhibits, corporate interiors and marketing materials? Whether negative or positive, that lingering brand impression can make or break potential business. 

When it comes to this limited window for leaving a long-lasting positive impression, trusting in outside expertise will not only maximize the ROI for the event, but it alieviates some of the pressure weighing on the shoulders of the Event Manager, in turn allowing a stronger focus on those other high priorities. 

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Who Knew?: Exhibit Designer by Day, Plane Modeler by Night


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Homelessness is an issue that affects over 600,000 Americans each year. Of those 222,197 are people in families; 58,063 are veterans and 46,924 are youths.

It’s easy to turn the other way when viewing this problem on the streets, or to pass judgements, filling in the story of what may have led to this point. One man did not turn the other way. Instead, Ron Kaplan decided to stare a problem facing these individiduals straight in the face and tackle it. This is why we are honoring Ron Kaplan as the first in our new series, Amazing People Among Us.

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7 Signs Work is Taking Over Your Summer


If you identify with one or more of these signs, it may mean you are letting your work take over your Summer fun:

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The Turnkey Mindset IS a Core Competency



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3 Simple Ways to Soak Up Summer During Trade Show Travel

One of the perks of trade show travel is that you get the opportunity to experience many different places, but often times, schedules will already be so packed with "business obligations" that it seems there isn't any time to take advantage of these opportunities. Hill & Partners doesn't want you to miss out on enjoying the places you are in, regardless of how busy you are, so we've put together a list on some simple ways to soak up the Summer during travel this season:
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The Secret to Giving Your Exhibits, Interiors and Events the WOW Factor


When the time has come for reevaluating your trade show productions, exhibit design, corporate event ideas, internal branding or overall brand strategy, start here.

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